From Acadia, With Love - White Sage & Sapphire's First 14K Yellow Gold Design

From Acadia, With Love - White Sage & Sapphire's First 14K Yellow Gold Design

“It’s in your heart now…”

               Just over a year ago I was approaching my 25th birthday, and while the thought of aging never bothered me much, something about turning 25 seemed a little too “real.” At the time I had just been offered a brick-and-mortar retail space from a local shop owner looking to retire and I began to consider all the possibilities (and responsibilities) that would come with it. Was my business ready? Hell, was I even ready? I’ve always dreamed of owning my own retail space, but was this what I truly wanted at this stage of my life? I decided I had a dozen thoughts too many to sort through, so two days before my birthday I packed some clothes, my journal, my camera and headed North. I didn’t have a single hotel booked or much of a plan for that matter, but what I knew was I was heading to Acadia National Park and would hopefully return with a deeper understanding of myself.

               After stopping halfway the night before in Connecticut, I arrived in Bar Harbor on the 9th. I poked around a few shops, grabbed a quick bite, and found myself a place to stay for the night. I woke early the next morning and sat outside with the morning fog, sipping my French press alone with my thoughts. I journaled for a bit before heading into town for a light breakfast at a local café, and upon leaving I accidentally stumbled upon a crystal and rock shop. This place was stocked floor to ceiling with some of the most incredible specimens I’ve seen: giant amethyst geodes, slabs of ammonite fossils, and dishes of tumbled stones scattered about. I ended up coming across the teeniest little box of Genuine Maine Mined Tourmaline Cabochons tucked away on a bookshelf in the back of the store. I couldn’t resist passing them up as I thought it would be a great idea to make myself a piece to remember the trip by, not realizing just how much these little stones would end up meaning to me.


               The rest of my birthday was spent exploring Acadia, hiking up rocky beach cliffs and wandering through the woods, and despite of the low visibility due to the fog, the views were still breathtaking. I remember these moments being full of introspection and wonder, picking apart the pieces of my psyche all the while being surrounded by some of the grandest landscape I had seen in years. Upon returning back to my stay that evening I had the sense I had found the answers I had come for.


               I made two deals with myself that day: I would begin to take myself seriously as an artist and become conscious of how much time I devoted to the business. White Sage & Sapphire was about to turn four, and while I was proud of the things I’d accomplished I somehow felt like I was behind schedule of where I wanted to be. Secondly, I would decline the offer of a brick and mortar but make myself a promise I would own a space by the time I turned 30, and I began workshopping a five-year plan that would help me along the way.

               Fast forward almost year later, I was about to turn 26 and White Sage & Sapphire would be turning five the week after. Reflecting on just how much I’ve grown since 2017, I wanted to create something extra special to celebrate this achievement. Upon digging though my stash of stones, I came across my little box of Maine Tourmaline pieces and knew exactly what that creation would be. My first solid 14K Yellow Gold Pendant, crafted using a stone that came to me in a time of self-reflection & self-discovery. On August 10th, 2022, I set aside my birthday to be with myself for the second year in a row, this time not in the vast expanse of Maine, but in the comfort and embrace of my own studio. Crafted exactly one year after finding the stones, this piece comes full circle to tell such a special story. A story about never giving up, trusting yourself, recognizing your worth, and celebrating your story.


               Hand fabricated with love, care, and intention, it is my hope the wearer of this piece is reminded of the places they’ve been, people they’ve met, things they’ve accomplished, and the endless possibilities on the open road ahead. A talisman for helping you to connect with yourself and the world around you, from my hands to yours.

All the Love,
XX -Zack
Genuine Maine Tourmaline & 14K Yellow Gold; 2.75ct/ 1.52dwt
Available 8/17/2022 @ 8pm EST

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